Shae McNamara Candid with the Kangaroos

September 23, 2011



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2 Comments on “Shae McNamara Candid with the Kangaroos”

  1. Robert Stranger Says:

    G’Day Mr McNamara,
    this is my real name, please don’t make me use another one. My great grand father played for Collingwood way back in 1897, 17 games and two goals, wahooo! Can you believe it?.
    The time you did a Black & White show and you ask Harry what he thought of America, he said, “greedy”. How did that get to air? I was so upset. I’ve loved the number 8 since Des Tuddenham wore it and he made Sherrin footballs after he retired, can you believe it? He had a a small factory on Plenty Rd Preston making bloody footballs…
    Knowing what I know now, I wish I was an American…


    • shae-mcnamara Says:

      Hey Robert! Sorry it took me so long to write back and post your comment. I’m new to this all. Harry was joking, but no doubt there was some truth to it. I’m ok with it. All in good fun! Great stuff with your great grandfather! Such a rich and cool tradition Australia has with their sports and clubs


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